Guaranteed Sale Program

The "Guaranteed Sale Program" enables you to build the home of your dreams while providing the assurance that you will never have to own two homes.
Think of it as an insurance policy.  We all have automobile insurance, not because we want or think we will have an accident, but just in case.
 Frequently Asked Questions
What will this program cost me?
There is an enrollment fee of $200.00 to enter the program. That will be your only cost.  If nobody buys your house before your new home is scheduled to close, Windsor Homes Guaranteed Sale Program will purchase it at a pre-agreed upon price.
Won't Windsor Home Guaranteed Sale Program give us low offer so they can sell for a profit?
We attempt to determine the true market value of each houes and base our offer on that figure.  If your house is worth more than it appraised for, then it should sell for more before closing of the new home and you get whatever you agree to sell it for.  You are in control.  The purchase price is determined as follows:
               Estimated Sale Price
               - (minus) Windsor's cost to buy and own for three to 6 months, brokerage fee and typical fee
                 required to deed over clear title.
               - (minus) Cosmetic repairs needed for marketability - Property must be free of "major defects"
                 as defined by FWAAR Purchase Agreement
               =  Guarantee Figure
I have a nice house and am sure it will sell, why should I use the Guaranteed Sales Program?
The Guaranteed Sale Program is like an insurance policy.  We don't have insurance because we hope to use it or even expect to use it.  We have insurance "just in case".  While your house may be the best on the block, the Guaranteed Sale Program lets you lock in your construction price, interest rate, and start building your home before the old house sells.  The Program insures that you will not have to own two homes.
Will any house qualify for the program?
Most houses qualify, but Windsor Homes Guaranteed Sale Program reserves the right not to accept a house if there are conditions that make it difficult to appraise.  Such conditions could be (a) lack of sales data for similar houses; (b) extremely unique properties; and (c) poor condition, (d) built prior to 1978 (e) well & septic (f) Rural properties etc.  Next, the new home to be purchased must be currently available or is being constructed through Windsor Homes.  If a house does not qualify the application fees is refunded.  If the property is currently listed, the broker must show Windsor Homes as an excluded party to the listing.  If it is not currently listed, Windsor Homes will help you get connected with an experienced agent and MLS member.

Are there any price restrictions?
The program is designed for the move-up buyer, so the new home must be of greater value thatn the house we are to guarantee.  The maximum price of the house to be guaranteed is at the discretion of Windsor Homes as it can vary from time to time.
Why wouldn't I use the program, and why do they offer it? What's the catch?
There is no reason not to use it and there's no catch.  The reason Windsor Homes offers this program is simple.  As a leading homebuilder in the Fort Wayne area, our company has always found innovative ways to better serve our clients, which also allows us to generate more sales.  It's a WIN-WIN proposition!
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