Spring Check-up TOP 5!


Spring Check-up TOP 5!
March 27, 2020

Spring Check-up TOP 5!

As March wraps up with, hopefully, the last of the snow, keep in mind that your home has weathered the harshness of winter as well.  There are several things you should inspect to keep your home weather tight and comfy as we move into the wet Spring season.  And, as you have some unexpected time at home these days, you may need some tasks to keep from going nuts!

  • Put a ladder up (a drone if you have one ) and inspect your shingles, siding, and flashing.  High winds can damage these and you don’t want costly leaks!

  • Inspect the grade around your home to make sure water will shed away from the foundation.  Sometimes landscape projects can change the original grade set for your home.

  • Make sure your gutters are still secure and your spouting disperses the water well away from the foundation.

  • Window wells:  if applicable, make sure that no debris has collected in the bottom as this will plug the back-up drain and could create a really big problem in a heavy rain.

  • Check the caulk.  There are many areas, of your home’s exterior, that rely on sealants to help keep moisture from penetrating to unfinished or unprotected surfaces below.  The sun and changes in temperatures can cause drying and cracking of these sealants.

When the April rains begin, you’ll feel a lot more confident knowing you’re ready for the storm!

Happy Spring!